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Google Places feature has become increasing popular for many of the UK’s business to be found and is now one of the most used features on Google’s search facility when someone wants to find a service in a local area.

Google Places Optimization

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The secrets behind unlocking Google Places SEO seems to be the popular internet marketing technique right now. Everyone is asking “How do I get my business on the top of Google Places?”

Google Places SEO – Getting to the TOP!

The truth is, almost everything you read on the Google Places forums and popular SEO networks is either partial truths or complete nonsense. Getting your hopes up to try and sell your their Google Places SEO service. How many times have you paid some Google Places expert to try and get your business found on the first page and only been let down?

Google Places SEO all starts with knowing everything there is to know about Google Maps and how it works, runs and chooses which listing should appear on the first page.

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