Google+ Local Categories All Messed Up

We’ve not blogged on this site in ages, apologies we’ve just been really busy.

For any of you following me on Twitter @seotwentyone you’ll have seen we’ve been reporting a few bugs with Google Places.

1.) The wrong categories showing

2.) The wrong locations showing

This is an on going issue, I have spoken to several bods at Google, who said they are aware and trying to fix it.

We will keep you posted

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 • 020 7993 4568

Google “Greggs” and look at the image on the right of the results

‘Providing **** to scum for over 70 years’ apparently

We all might laugh at this but possible not the CEO of Greggs Roger Whiteside who when we finds out that some toe rag has cleverly uploaded an images tagged it’s connected with their Google Places listing.

"Providing Sh*t to scum for over 70 years"

How much third party information should Google use on our Places listings?

Well i think this might be one image to far. Google for a long time has allowed images and media such as video content and even reviews to be used from other reliable sources but when did become a source of trusted content??? hmmmm!

Other sources such as Picasa and Flickr have been used to support additional image information for years but this one, i think someone at Google HQ needs to take a look at this.

While this bug is out there i’m sure there will be plenty more of these going around hopefully it will all get resolved fairly quickly.

I’m going to tweet this @GreggstheBakers so hopefully they can start taking it down.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen these kinds of issues and i’m sure it won’t be the last but a word of warning to all business owners out there, always keep an eye on what is being said about your brand you never know what might happen one day.

We’re having a party!

We work a lot and it’s not very often we get a chance to let our hair down and go wild so for this years summer party we’re going to do something a bit different from just hiring out a venue and having the usual disco and drinks!

A good customer of ours Star Photo Booth has intrigued us since we very first saw their website. A photo booth was a completely new idea to us and although they are releatively new they have been around for a few years but they have gained more popularity in the last 12-24 months in particular.

Dress up + fits of laughter imminent

So this summer we’re going mad and dressing up in a load of crazy costumes, and make complete idiots of ourselves, all because we’ve worked very hard this year and need to enjoy the fruits of our labour. Plus it also means we get to hang out with one of our favourite customers Star Photo Booth – be sure to check our their website

Getting to the bottom of a Google Places problem

Whilst helping a client correct a problem with their Google Places listing we came across something interesting we thought we’d share.

EKCO are a Edinburgh based kitchen and bathroom showroom and their Google Places listings did not rank at all for any of their chosen searches such as

kitchens edinburgh, bathrooms edinburgh, kitchen showrooms edinburgh, bathroom showrooms edinburgh.

This was in July 2013 and the client obviously wanted more enquiries but just couldn’t get their Places listing to respond.

First job – Digging the dirt!

First job was to find out the history of the listing and also the account or in this case ‘accounts’. They had 1 listing in their own account which was live. But the previous SEO agency or whoever had for whatever reason to create another. Maybe they did this intentionally to try and boost their rankings. Obviously this isn’t ever a tactic you should use.

After looking at all the information in both accounts we decided to delete the secondary one the SEO agency had added previously and run with the older list. This makes sense for many reasons, aged listings work better and you should always try and use the original one if you can.

Now we know which listing to use in which account, first problem solved.

Next up – cleaning out the spam

We removed all the spam from the description and then completed all fields so that the listing was 100%, it was previously 76-86% completed i can’t remember the exact number.

The URL added for some reason on this listing was so we changed that to the home page as was more relevant.

Waiting for change

The next bit didn’t require us to do anything we just had to see if the listing would start showing in the first 2 pages. 2 weeks later and we have a result. It wasn’t page 1 but it was showing which meant the errors had been resolved and we could now start optimizing.

It’s now 12 months on and the listing keeps going from strength to strength and dominates many of the search terms it is targeting. We still have more to do but the organic results have a big part to play in this as well.

One of the most interesting finds we had was that Google marker edit wasn’t working on this listing. We’ve reported the bug but not heard anything back.

Hopefully we’ll be able to report back with more news for the Edinburgh Kitchen Co soon.

It’s been a while

Although we don’t post as often as we used to simply because of how insanely busy it is we are always speaking to our customers and keeping them informed of goings on in the Google Places world. Sorry the Google+ Local world, I still can’t get used to that, it’s such a mouthful.

Google Places advice

A lot has changed in the past 18 months, but all change is good change as they say. We;; maybe not the seemingly endless amount of Google places glitches and bugs, but we are still getting clients listings top of the first page. We no longer read the blogs or get involved with public fixes. To be honest I was spending way too much time helping non-customers and in return for no thanks. Just didn’t make sense to keep pushing myself for every man and his dog.

Focused on customer service

All our efforts are 100% in to our customers, we’re giving nothing away free, no free support, no fixes only our customers are privvy to that information.

There’s still way too much false or incorrect information online about your listing, in truth hardly any of it works. Said it before but i’ll say it again. ‘If you’re good at something why give it away for free?’

Google Places Tips

The truth about Google Places listings.

You can’t cheat Google and expect to get away with it without getting a blackmark against your name. You’re not smarter than Google, it’s their world and you’re playing by their rules.

Do you really need more than one listing?
Unless you’re business is located in different cities then stick to one listing.

Virtually nothing you can do to change the on page listing details had any affect on your ranking. The only time this actually works is when it’s an area that has very low competition.

City central postcodes make no difference what so ever. FACT!

Listings take approximately 3 months to get found first page.

Welcome to all our new clients this week

Busiest week this year 😉

Of course it would be by default but it has been exceptionally busy this week. 3 new starters signed up and we’re already seeing results for them.

London is a popular place, probably 80% of all our requests are for London based searches. We probably get 2-3 for the same categories each month but unfortunately we only work with 1 per area. Great for our clients though.

Catch up with you all soon!


Dubious of our promise: Let our results speak for themselves

If you’ve been looking at our website and like the sound of what we say we can do, but have seen these kind of promises before with little results. Then don’t just take our word for it, the results below show just some of our results.

Keyword + Location Position
Plasterer Northampton A
Plasterers Northampton A
Plastering Northampton A
Carpet Fitter Northampton A
Carpet Fitters Northampton A
Carpets Northampton B
Flooring Northampton D
Hypnotherapy London A
Stop Smoking London B
Aerials London A
Physio W1 A
Physio Harley Street A
Back Pain London E
Hypnotherapy Liverpool B
Hypnotherapist Liverpool A
Hypnotherapists Liverpool A
Electrician Guildford A
Electricians Guildford B
Osteopaths Edinburgh A
Osteopath Edinburgh B
Physio Kingston A
Physiotherapy Kingston A
Chiropractor Kingston B
Chiropractors Kingston B
Osteopath Kingston B
Osteopaths Kingston B
Personal Trainers London B
Personal Trainer London B
Wedding Photographer London A
Wedding Photographers London A
Wedding Photography London B
Storage Kent B
Self Storage Kent C
Storage Maidenhead A
Self Storage Maidenhead A
Plumber Leicester B
Plumbers Leicester A
Lettings Basingstoke A
Letting Agent Basingstoke C
Letting Agents Basingstoke C
Lettings Lakenheath A
Letting Agent Lakenheath A
Letting Agents Lakenheath A
Chiropractor Leeds A
Chiropractors Leeds A
Chiropractic Leeds A
Back Pain Leeds A
Chiropractor Fulham A
Chiropractors Fulham B
Chiropractic Fulham A
Chiropractor Basingstoke A
Chiropractors Basingstoke B