Getting to the bottom of a Google Places problem

Whilst helping a client correct a problem with their Google Places listing we came across something interesting we thought we’d share.

EKCO are a Edinburgh based kitchen and bathroom showroom and their Google Places listings did not rank at all for any of their chosen searches such as

kitchens edinburgh, bathrooms edinburgh, kitchen showrooms edinburgh, bathroom showrooms edinburgh.

This was in July 2013 and the client obviously wanted more enquiries but just couldn’t get their Places listing to respond.

First job – Digging the dirt!

First job was to find out the history of the listing and also the account or in this case ‘accounts’. They had 1 listing in their own account which was live. But the previous SEO agency or whoever had for whatever reason to create another. Maybe they did this intentionally to try and boost their rankings. Obviously this isn’t ever a tactic you should use.

After looking at all the information in both accounts we decided to delete the secondary one the SEO agency had added previously and run with the older list. This makes sense for many reasons, aged listings work better and you should always try and use the original one if you can.

Now we know which listing to use in which account, first problem solved.

Next up – cleaning out the spam

We removed all the spam from the description and then completed all fields so that the listing was 100%, it was previously 76-86% completed i can’t remember the exact number.

The URL added for some reason on this listing was so we changed that to the home page as was more relevant.

Waiting for change

The next bit didn’t require us to do anything we just had to see if the listing would start showing in the first 2 pages. 2 weeks later and we have a result. It wasn’t page 1 but it was showing which meant the errors had been resolved and we could now start optimizing.

It’s now 12 months on and the listing keeps going from strength to strength and dominates many of the search terms it is targeting. We still have more to do but the organic results have a big part to play in this as well.

One of the most interesting finds we had was that Google marker edit wasn’t working on this listing. We’ve reported the bug but not heard anything back.

Hopefully we’ll be able to report back with more news for the Edinburgh Kitchen Co soon.

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