We do not currently support this location – It’s back!

Google Places listings owners may be seeing the following error this morning ‘We do not currently support this location’.

It comes after another glitch was reported by thousands of business owners when their listings dropped over night.

We’ve seen this glitch before and it won’t be the last time.

Why do I see We do not currently support this location

Google is always working behind the scenes and when they make a change it usually means the data set is moved at least temporarily. It usually sorts itself out or you can try and press edit on your Google Places listing and Submit to ping the listing.

This rarely works immediately these days but in the meantime until we or Google find a fix hang tight, stay tuned and we’ll get more information across as soon as we have it.

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Did your Google Places listing drop from Position A?

Hot news guys no one seems to be really aware of this problem yet but you should be as it could affect every single one of you.

My Google Places listing disappeared from Position A?

We got a call from our client who is currently position A for ‘chiropractors Leeds’ his listing has dropped overnight off the first page.

My first thoughts were ‘oh Google you silly bot’ and then normally followed by destroying my keyboard. But instead I kept calm because I have seen this problem before. This time it only seems to affect position A results for some reason, why I don’t know. Maybe the search feature is going to change and position Google Places results might have more of a feature that’s my guess. Or someone at Google spilt their coffee on a server.

What to do if your Google Places listing has dropped overnight off the first page!

  1. See if you can still find your listing active on Google. If you can that’s a good start. If not could be the other glitch we posted previously but no matter our fix will cure both.
  2. Go in to your Google Places account and click EDIT
  3. Click ‘fix incorrect marker location’ then zoom right in and move 1mm so it’s still on the same building.
  4. The copy and paste the business name back in so delete and paste back in, do the same for website and description.
  5. Press Submit
  6. Now if you can see the places listing stats go in to there and write a post in the right hand column.
  7. This process might have to be done twice to fix.

That’s the Google Places fix for the position A results glitch

This is a very easily resolved issue for Google Places glitches and bugs and cures most things. It wont get rankings from nothing but any bugs it seems to clear out 99% of the time.

We have had to do this for 4 clients this morning who were all back before we even got time to call them. 30 seconds approximately.


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google places listing suspended

We can rescue your Google Places listings!

Has your Google Places local business listing been suspended?

google places listing suspended

Our expert team of Google Places repair engineers can help get your listings back?

This includes:

  • Tracking and adding lost reviews
  • Fixing merged business listings
  • Changing telephone numbers
  • Getting your business back on the first page
  • Only white-hat optimization techniques used

Speak to the Google Places geeks!

Our office is open Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17.30 to answer any queries you may have about your local business listings on Google Places.

Call 020 7993 4568

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STOP! Thief! Give Me Back My Google Map

Help! My Google Places Listing has been stolen!

This is a word of caution to every Google Places and map listing owner out there – beware of dodgy Google sounding businesses who claim your listings for you, they just
might want more than a thank you.

Warning Google Hijackers!

In the past couple of days we’ve seen an abnormal amount of enquiries regarding business owners having their Google Places
listing stolen or removed.

Google Postcard Verification

Although Google have done a great job at improving their security systems for places listing creation,
Editing and deletion there does still seem to be a couple of flaws
that allow individuals to ‘have their way’ with your business listing. Although this is very unlikely to happen one should always be careful about the data and information they give to outside organisations.

We heard a story from a customer this week that happened to their business approximately 18 months ago.

Our friend ‘Customer A’ had their address
used by ‘Google Map Thief’. For months the Google map thief was claiming to be ‘Customer A’ going out to jobs, even invoicing as ‘Customer A’s’ name.

I couldn’t believe the cheek when I heard it. But even checked it out myself and saw the evidence of what this map thief had
Done and even how they had managed
to steal ‘Customer A’s’ identity through a free Google Places

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