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Originally launched as a feature on the Google search to help you find directions, and how to find a local business, Google Maps quickly became popular amongst online users as it offered a simple way to find a local business in your area.

No longer did you need to trawl through a big yellow brick to find a “Plumber in Leicester” – For the first time ever in internet history you could actually see telephone numbers and website details of a local business in your area without having to click-through hundreds of website’s. AMAZING EH? (Well it gets us excited!)

Local Business Centre

The good, confusing and just plain evil!

Yep! If you’ve ever tried to get your business found on Google Places then you’ve encountered the Google Local Business Centre. We love Google we really do but I am sure you too have been baffled by the wonder that is LBC.

Why use usHow do you register on Google Local Business Centre?

1.) Create a free account with Google

2.) Open LBC (Local Business Centre)

3.) Create New Listing

4.) Add in all your business details including name, address, telephone number, website, email, business description and categories you want to be found under.

5.) Google Local Business Centre will then ask you if you meant one of the businesses provided is yours or you would like to create a new business listing for Google Maps local results.

6.) Choose your weapon and press NEXT!

Google Local Business Result Verification

This can be a very simple process but also a little more complicated on the right occasion. Don’t worry – we’ll explain how to avoid getting your knickers in a twist and getting your business registered free on Google Maps.

1.) Choose your preferred method of verification. Your choices are;

a.) Telephone call – This is where a friendly robot voice [similar to that of Microsoft sam but with a little more estrogen] calls you and gives you a 5 digit PIN number to enter in to your local business account. – EASY PEASY!

Update: This service is only every occasionally offered as an option when the address & phone number has never been used on Google Places.

b.) SMS Verification – Google Local Maps will actually send you an SMS text message to your mobile and then once again you enter in to your local business centre account.

Update: This option is used more often if you have a clean account with no errors, black hat techniques to verify an address change or telephone number change. We have not seen this option available for over 4 months.

c.) Postcard – Yep! Ah good old postie even he is up for a bit of Google Places help it seems. This is the new standard to verify a Google Places listing. 99% of all listings must verify their business through this method. Usually arriving in 3 weeks or less but we have seen cases of 6 weeks.

Getting to the TOP of the Google Places results

Just spend 6 years working day & night researching how Google Places works and then you’ll have a good chance to be top of the local Google map results too!

Seriously! There’s no way we are going to give away our secrets but we will get your business to the top of Google Places/Maps if you want.

Just give us a call or drop us an email telling us a bit about your business and where and what you wish to be found for locally and we’ll make it happen.

How long to get my business on Google Places?

Until the beginning of October 2009 there was no set time involved but then Google Maps changed. Not like you’ve heard so many times before on the billions of forums out there with every geek and his hamster claiming to know. It really did change and boy did it go loco for a bit. It’s okay we were a bit scared too!

Google Places/Maps has been pretty stable and one engine for almost 3 years. Yes! there has been a few changes but it was pretty much the original engine it was when it was first launched.

Google takes out the trash

So back in early October Google Places seemed to move to a new set of rules and thousands upon thousands of businesses that were previously on the 1st page suddenly disappeared over night.

Why did Google Maps Change in 2009?

1.) To improve the quality of local business results

2.) Clean up the duplicated businesses & spammers

3.) We also think they dropped a bit of a clanger too

This information is only based on our own personal findings and experience but we think it is pretty close the truth.


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