Call from Google Ireland? Why have Google called me?

Google called me about my Google Places listing

Have you received a call recently from someone claiming to be Google?

Does Google really call businesses to check their places details?

We’ve looked in to this and it does appear that Google have set up a Google Maps call centre team based out of Ireland.

Until very recently Google would not even accept responsibility for the local business listings apart from the support on Google Maps forums.

Google Maps call centre number is +35 315 437 070

What’s the purpose for Google Ireland to be calling?

  • Verify that your business listing data is accurate.
  • Clean out the spammers
  • Also recently Google Ireland have been calling businesses if they have been reported by another user for spamming or inaccurate details such as fake address.

This is something we predicted would happen all the way back in August 2009.

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