google places seo

With Google Places now considered as one of the most important and valuable places to have your business seen online.

We reveal how you get your Google Places listing to the top of the search results?

Google Places SEO

I read somewhere on a blog by someone I’ve never met, that by doing “this” I will get my business top of Google maps.

We hear this a lot – never works though does it?

Mama always said:

‘f you’re good at something why do it for free?

Truth about Google Places SEO

  • Reviews don’t mean top 7 results
  • Business title does not pull all the strings
  • Renaming images to stuff keywords and locations does not optimize your listing
  • Legitimate accurate business details are the best way of beating Google Places
  • 3 chances and your out – It seems Google will give you 3 chances before suspending your listing or account.
  • Central postcodes such as SW1 do not affect the positioning for city searches

How to get your business to position A

This is the easy bit. Just call us (020 7993 4568) we are the Google Places experts so why waste hours and days of your life when one call is all it takes to get your business to the top.

Let our team of experts take control of any problems you’re having and within a few weeks we’ll deliver you a first page result on Google Places – this is guaranteed too so if we can’t do it they you simply don’t pay anything.

  • We were the first ever company in the UK to start optimizing Google Places listings
  • Over 7 years experience in Google Places SEO
  • We are responsible for more than 5000 first page results & 3000 position A results
  • 100% success rate
  • 100% renewal ratio

Google Places Optimization at it’s best

Everyone is always asking us ‘how do you get your listing to the top of Google Places?’


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