Truth about 21 Days

I’m going to let you in on a little and not so well-known secret.

Everyone talks about the Google Places algorithm but it’s rare that you’ll ever hear anyone talk about specific processes or timelines in which Google Places works…..that was until now.

Everything works in a 21 day cycle with Google.

This is why we made it a part of our name. Not just because we can optimise a website or Google Places listing in 21 days but because for day one we established that Google clearly used this time frame for much of its standardised indexing.

Jim Carey was on to something with ‘The Number 23’ but he wasn’t quite as good as us so he took two days longer 😉

More about 21 days!

One of the easiest ways to see this magical number in action is when you hand over your details to us and we begin your Google Places Optimization. You’ll often hear us say ‘once it’s up watch for fluctuations in your local business listing for up to 21 days/3 weeks.’

The reason is Google had to somehow push your listing data across all 500,000+ data centres across the UK alone and this can take several weeks.

So don’t panic if you see this happening it’s all part of the course!

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