ULTRA-SEO ‘Double Whammy AA’

double a seo google places results

2 position A results in 48 hours!

Sometimes it’s cool to be a smug! And today my friends is one of them.

We just posted about our new friends at Headingley Chiropractic Clinic going to position A for ‘Chiropractors Leeds’ in under 24 hours. That’s gotta be getting some emotions stirring for everyone who is struggling with their Google Places optimization.

One of our oldest standing clients ‘Physio Leeds’ has just made a comeback after a short drop off to position A.

The drop happened when someone (probably another competitor) reported his business as permanently closed. We reported on this nasty glitch a few posts back.

Simon Glover the director called us to renew his service and we fixed this problem in just over a week and got him to position A in 2 days for ‘Physio Leeds’.

physio leeds

Physio Leeds above STA Travel, Buckley House, Eastgate, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS1 7JH – 07815 755097

So that mean’s we have the two top spots for ‘physio Leeds’ and ‘Chiropractors Leeds’ for 2 individual clients. Sorry folks are doors are closed to those keywords and towns but we can help any other type of business in Leeds and many more Chiropractors and Physiotherapists across the UK and US.

28 Hastings Avenue Whitley BayneNE26 4AF UK 
 • 020 7993 4568