Changing Address on Google Places doesn’t require postcard

Good or potentially lethal?

Google Places Change of Address without PostcardVerification

Whilst amending a customers Google Places listing address and expecting the usual ‘you will be sent a postcard within the next 2-3 weeks’ response instead the listing completed and the new address went live within 3 minutes. No further Google Places optimization required either!

So what does this mean for Google Places security?

I for one thing although yes it makes things a lot simpler to make legitimate changes to your Google Places listings it does also open the doors for those who dabble in the black-hat to abuse this update and make changes to addresses that they do not own or have access to.

We will probably test a listing this week and see what happens if we can change our address to a public landmark without the need of additional verification.

What can we expect to see with this loophole?

Probably a whole lot of spamming from those dirty rodents who are hell bent on turning Google Places in to one big nasty dump of illegal listings and spam.

Why would Google miss this and leave it open to abuse?

Hmmm! I guess they are human after all, if only just a bit geeky. Maybe they missed this one?

After the recent issues with many businesses being reported as ‘permanently closed’ this could be another huge flaw. I am sure this will be fixed quite quickly as it will get abused unfortunately. Watch out guys this could leave your competitors to proactively target your location without the need of postcard verification.

Be great to hear your thoughts on this one guys and any experiences you’ve had with this recent Google Places glitch.

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