Dubious of our promise: Let our results speak for themselves

If you’ve been looking at our website and like the sound of what we say we can do, but have seen these kind of promises before with little results. Then don’t just take our word for it, the results below show just some of our results.

Keyword + Location Position
Plasterer Northampton A
Plasterers Northampton A
Plastering Northampton A
Carpet Fitter Northampton A
Carpet Fitters Northampton A
Carpets Northampton B
Flooring Northampton D
Hypnotherapy London A
Stop Smoking London B
Aerials London A
Physio W1 A
Physio Harley Street A
Back Pain London E
Hypnotherapy Liverpool B
Hypnotherapist Liverpool A
Hypnotherapists Liverpool A
Electrician Guildford A
Electricians Guildford B
Osteopaths Edinburgh A
Osteopath Edinburgh B
Physio Kingston A
Physiotherapy Kingston A
Chiropractor Kingston B
Chiropractors Kingston B
Osteopath Kingston B
Osteopaths Kingston B
Personal Trainers London B
Personal Trainer London B
Wedding Photographer London A
Wedding Photographers London A
Wedding Photography London B
Storage Kent B
Self Storage Kent C
Storage Maidenhead A
Self Storage Maidenhead A
Plumber Leicester B
Plumbers Leicester A
Lettings Basingstoke A
Letting Agent Basingstoke C
Letting Agents Basingstoke C
Lettings Lakenheath A
Letting Agent Lakenheath A
Letting Agents Lakenheath A
Chiropractor Leeds A
Chiropractors Leeds A
Chiropractic Leeds A
Back Pain Leeds A
Chiropractor Fulham A
Chiropractors Fulham B
Chiropractic Fulham A
Chiropractor Basingstoke A
Chiropractors Basingstoke B
28 Hastings Avenue Whitley BayneNE26 4AF UK 
 • 020 7993 4568
chiropractors leeds top of google places

Straight to Position A

We recently signed up some old friends we used to work with many years ago for some Google Places optimization. Their listing was being held by some rogue at a digital marketing agency, and they told our client they had optimized their Google Places listing which wasn’t true.

Our Google Places Secret to Success

We managed to get their listing back in our clients account and in just 24 hours it’s soared up to the very top of the search results – position for ‘Chiropractors Leeds’.

As we are originally from Yorkshire and one of our very first clients was a physiotherapist we knew the local competition and another clinic had been reigning high for at least 5 years. Unfortunately for them their days as top dog are over and Headingley Chiropractic Clinic are position A (number 1) for ‘Chiropractors Leeds’. And all in under 24 hours.

There’s no mistaking the proof!

chiropractors leeds top of google places

Marking your Territory with a big juicy ‘A’

Nothing quite makes our day any better than when we get to ring and tell our clients personally over the phone ‘you just took position A’.

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