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Google+ Local Categories All Messed Up

We’ve not blogged on this site in ages, apologies we’ve just been really busy.

For any of you following me on Twitter @seotwentyone you’ll have seen we’ve been reporting a few bugs with Google Places.

1.) The wrong categories showing

2.) The wrong locations showing

This is an on going issue, I have spoken to several bods at Google, who said they are aware and trying to fix it.

We will keep you posted

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where have my google places reviews gone?

Google Places Reviews Have Vanished!

guaranteed first page google places

Google Places Reviews Missing – National Fault!

where have my google places reviews gone?

we are sorry but your google places reviews are currently on strike and on holiday in Skegness. We do not know when they will return but we are hoping for a nice postcard in about 3-4 weeks.

Don’t worry guys this is a national fault with Google Places reviews disappearing from listings. The same thing happened 3 months ago and after 2 weeks of testing and trying to fix it we realised that it was a database error and everything would return to its previous state.

Where have my Google Places reviews gone?

They’ve just gone on a little holiday – they work hard all year to bring you new business and apart from the occasional sicky they’re there 365 days a year. Don’t Google reviews deserve a break too?

No! Damn straight they don;t work them like a dog. Sick day pffft no chance, holiday ‘dreamin’

What to do to get your reviews back

Okay listen very carefully this is extremely important you follow this rule to the letter.

1.) Nothing! This problem has reared it’s ugly shameful dirty head before and I am sure it won’t be the last either. It fixed itself before and it will fix itself again


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