Google+ Local Categories All Messed Up

We’ve not blogged on this site in ages, apologies we’ve just been really busy.

For any of you following me on Twitter @seotwentyone you’ll have seen we’ve been reporting a few bugs with Google Places.

1.) The wrong categories showing

2.) The wrong locations showing

This is an on going issue, I have spoken to several bods at Google, who said they are aware and trying to fix it.

We will keep you posted

28 Hastings Avenue Whitley BayneNE26 4AF UK 
 • 020 7993 4568

We do not currently support this location – It’s back!

Google Places listings owners may be seeing the following error this morning ‘We do not currently support this location’.

It comes after another glitch was reported by thousands of business owners when their listings dropped over night.

We’ve seen this glitch before and it won’t be the last time.

Why do I see We do not currently support this location

Google is always working behind the scenes and when they make a change it usually means the data set is moved at least temporarily. It usually sorts itself out or you can try and press edit on your Google Places listing and Submit to ping the listing.

This rarely works immediately these days but in the meantime until we or Google find a fix hang tight, stay tuned and we’ll get more information across as soon as we have it.

Hypnotherapy London – A

Another client goes straight in at position A for their primary chosen keyword phrase ‘Hypnotherapy London’.

hypnotherapy london

How would you like to see your business at the top spot?

The Therapy Lounge weren’t even listed on Google Places first page and we’ve taken them straight to the top position for ‘Hypnotherapy London’.

I hope they have an army manning their phones!

Did your Google Places listing drop from Position A?

Hot news guys no one seems to be really aware of this problem yet but you should be as it could affect every single one of you.

My Google Places listing disappeared from Position A?

We got a call from our client who is currently position A for ‘chiropractors Leeds’ his listing has dropped overnight off the first page.

My first thoughts were ‘oh Google you silly bot’ and then normally followed by destroying my keyboard. But instead I kept calm because I have seen this problem before. This time it only seems to affect position A results for some reason, why I don’t know. Maybe the search feature is going to change and position Google Places results might have more of a feature that’s my guess. Or someone at Google spilt their coffee on a server.

What to do if your Google Places listing has dropped overnight off the first page!

  1. See if you can still find your listing active on Google. If you can that’s a good start. If not could be the other glitch we posted previously but no matter our fix will cure both.
  2. Go in to your Google Places account and click EDIT
  3. Click ‘fix incorrect marker location’ then zoom right in and move 1mm so it’s still on the same building.
  4. The copy and paste the business name back in so delete and paste back in, do the same for website and description.
  5. Press Submit
  6. Now if you can see the places listing stats go in to there and write a post in the right hand column.
  7. This process might have to be done twice to fix.

That’s the Google Places fix for the position A results glitch

This is a very easily resolved issue for Google Places glitches and bugs and cures most things. It wont get rankings from nothing but any bugs it seems to clear out 99% of the time.

We have had to do this for 4 clients this morning who were all back before we even got time to call them. 30 seconds approximately.


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double a seo google places results

ULTRA-SEO ‘Double Whammy AA’

double a seo google places results

2 position A results in 48 hours!

Sometimes it’s cool to be a smug! And today my friends is one of them.

We just posted about our new friends at Headingley Chiropractic Clinic going to position A for ‘Chiropractors Leeds’ in under 24 hours. That’s gotta be getting some emotions stirring for everyone who is struggling with their Google Places optimization.

One of our oldest standing clients ‘Physio Leeds’ has just made a comeback after a short drop off to position A.

The drop happened when someone (probably another competitor) reported his business as permanently closed. We reported on this nasty glitch a few posts back.

Simon Glover the director called us to renew his service and we fixed this problem in just over a week and got him to position A in 2 days for ‘Physio Leeds’.

physio leeds

Physio Leeds above STA Travel, Buckley House, Eastgate, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS1 7JH – 07815 755097

So that mean’s we have the two top spots for ‘physio Leeds’ and ‘Chiropractors Leeds’ for 2 individual clients. Sorry folks are doors are closed to those keywords and towns but we can help any other type of business in Leeds and many more Chiropractors and Physiotherapists across the UK and US.

chiropractors leeds top of google places

Straight to Position A

We recently signed up some old friends we used to work with many years ago for some Google Places optimization. Their listing was being held by some rogue at a digital marketing agency, and they told our client they had optimized their Google Places listing which wasn’t true.

Our Google Places Secret to Success

We managed to get their listing back in our clients account and in just 24 hours it’s soared up to the very top of the search results – position for ‘Chiropractors Leeds’.

As we are originally from Yorkshire and one of our very first clients was a physiotherapist we knew the local competition and another clinic had been reigning high for at least 5 years. Unfortunately for them their days as top dog are over and Headingley Chiropractic Clinic are position A (number 1) for ‘Chiropractors Leeds’. And all in under 24 hours.

There’s no mistaking the proof!

chiropractors leeds top of google places

Marking your Territory with a big juicy ‘A’

Nothing quite makes our day any better than when we get to ring and tell our clients personally over the phone ‘you just took position A’.

Google Places Optimization

Google Places SEO

Changing Address on Google Places doesn’t require postcard

Good or potentially lethal?

Google Places Change of Address without PostcardVerification

Whilst amending a customers Google Places listing address and expecting the usual ‘you will be sent a postcard within the next 2-3 weeks’ response instead the listing completed and the new address went live within 3 minutes. No further Google Places optimization required either!

So what does this mean for Google Places security?

I for one thing although yes it makes things a lot simpler to make legitimate changes to your Google Places listings it does also open the doors for those who dabble in the black-hat to abuse this update and make changes to addresses that they do not own or have access to.

We will probably test a listing this week and see what happens if we can change our address to a public landmark without the need of additional verification.

What can we expect to see with this loophole?

Probably a whole lot of spamming from those dirty rodents who are hell bent on turning Google Places in to one big nasty dump of illegal listings and spam.

Why would Google miss this and leave it open to abuse?

Hmmm! I guess they are human after all, if only just a bit geeky. Maybe they missed this one?

After the recent issues with many businesses being reported as ‘permanently closed’ this could be another huge flaw. I am sure this will be fixed quite quickly as it will get abused unfortunately. Watch out guys this could leave your competitors to proactively target your location without the need of postcard verification.

Be great to hear your thoughts on this one guys and any experiences you’ve had with this recent Google Places glitch.

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IMPORTANT! Google Places Update Glitch Fix

Hey guys please excuse any poor spelling or grammar on this post we’ve had to write it fast to make sure you all hear about it.

Google Places missing website URL

google places missing website urlfix

Did Wednesday mornings Google Places update leave your business listing without a website url? If your places results showed as merged with the organic results in the new layout did they drop?

How to get my URL showing on my Google Map Listing – FIX!

  1. Log in to your Google Places Account
  2. Click ‘EDIT’ your listing
  3. Add http:// to your website URL
  4. Press ‘SUBMIT’

This is one of the easiest Google Places fixes we’ve ever published but you guys need to make sure your Google Places listings all have the http:// extension as without it Google cannot always show your URL and will drop your rankings.

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It seems everyone wants to be on Google Maps

This past 3 months has been crazy – we’ve had to up our work rate considerably to handle the sheer volume of calls and emails from people looking to get their businesses found on Google Places.

There can be only 1

As much as we’d like to help everyone out there we’ve always been committed to helping one business type in each location. This means that we can only help 1 electrician in London, 1 Manchester plumber, and 1 restaurant in Edinburgh etc

Be our #1 priority on Google Maps

The fairest way to operate our much sought after Google Maps optimisation service is to work on a strictly first come first served basis.

Today we signed up 2 more companies who want to be found on Google Places but we’ve also had to turn down another because we already have someone optimized in their area. Sorry guys but they just beat you to it.

Don’t lose out on being the top dog!

Get in touch tell us what your business does, even if you’re not 100% sure on the best keywords for your business we’ll help you out there.

note: Google Keyword Tool is free and can help you find the best searches for your business.

Give us up to 5 keywords of your choice and we’ll get you on the first page, and aiming for the number one spot in no time.


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